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The main aim of the educational policy at Canterbury is to help children achieve their full potential in all areas of their development within the bilingual framework of English and Spanish.

Our aim is to provide the best possible education for our children to prepare them to take their place in the world as responsible, informed and culturally aware citizens. We trust you will find the description of the different School Departments on this web site both interesting and instructive and you are warmly invited to visit us and look around.

"When I think of Canterbury academy, I think of Home, I think of purpose, I think of commitment and most importantly I think of long lasting relationships I made in my years there. I always say that basketball saved my life, but Canterbury academy was a big part of it. The academy took a chance on me and gave me a family. They put me in the best possible conditions to pursue my dreams both in the class room and on the basketball court. I have nothing but love and gratitude for the Canterbury Academy."


''As a student at Canterbury school I have learned so many things and even the word can’t describe it. My time there, I had developed a great relationship with my coaches and teachers. This place changed my life and gave me a better opportunity not just to be a better basketball player, but also a better person. Thanks for people who opened my eyes for not always being the nice guys and I express my gratitude for those people who always to tell me the truth and even when it was not what I wanted to hear. Thanks again for making such an impact in my life. I really appreciate for all the support and I will always be a part of Canterbury family.''


"Canterbury Academy para mí ha sido una segunda casa. Un lugar donde empecé a jugar con tan solo cinco años y del cual guardo increíbles recuerdos desde los campus, los torneos, campeonatos, asaderos etc. Este club me ha enseñado no solo a mejorar deportivamente sino también en lo personal. Un lugar en el que no importa el tiempo que pase, siempre te reciben con los brazos abiertos."


"El Canterbury Academy ha formado parte de mi carrera deportiva y les estoy eternamente agradecida. Vaya donde vaya me siento afortunada de pertenecer a esta familia, de haber tenido buenos entrenadores y amistades."


''Para mi, Canterbury Academy no solo es un club, es una familia donde creces como jugadora y como persona. Siempre estaré agradecida a este club.''


"Cuando me preguntan que significa el Canterbury Academy para mí, lo que me viene a la mente es FAMILIA. Una gran familia. Cuando llegué al club era una niña y durante 10 años aprendí a jugar en equipo, a trabajar duro, a aprender de mis errores, a ser organizada y disciplinada, a nunca rendirme y a disfrutar de todos los momentos; tanto los buenos como los malos. 
Se que sin este club y toda la gente que trabaja en el no podría haber llegado a donde estoy ahora y por eso siempre estaré agradecida. 
Pase el tiempo que pase o estés donde estés siempre puedes contar con las personas que forman este gran club. “Una  vez Lions, siempre Lions”."


"Mi paso por el Canterbury Academy lo recuerdo con mucho cariño. Son auténticos profesionales que forman a jugadoras tanto a nivel deportivo como personal. Siento un profundo agradecimiento hacia esta familia que siempre me acoge con los brazos abiertos."


''Canterbury Academy is a place where I started studying and playing basketball three years ago. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this Academy I can now call my home. I have learned how to be a better person, a better and stronger player.

I have had ups and downs and I am forever thankful for all the love and support I have received at Canterbury. The relationships and memories I have made here I will remember forever. I have so much love for the place that has shaped my life for the better.''


''Canterbury Academy me acogió desde que era una niña pequeña ilusionada por aprender a jugar al baloncesto. Allí no solo me ayudaron a convertirme en una buena jugadora de baloncesto durante los entrenamientos y campus, sino que me enseñaron muchos de los valores que me caracterizan como persona hoy en día. Además, pude conocer a personas que ahora son muy importantes para mi.

Canterbury Academy para mi es mi FAMILIA. Sé que siempre podré volver y las puertas estarán abiertas para lo que necesite.''


''Cuando la gente habla de sacrificio, esfuerzo, trabajo duro, pasión y familia; yo pienso en Canterbury Academy. La buena relación entre jugadores, entrenadores, directiva y padres crea un ambiente perfecto para la mejora de los jugadores y la capacidad de competir al más alto nivel.

Gracias a Canterbury Academy me he convertido en el jugador y la persona que soy hoy en día. Tras tantos años, me llevo relaciones y amistades que me durarán toda la vida. Entré a Canterbury Academy buscando una actividad extra-escolar y se acabó convirtiendo en un estilo de vida.''


''Canterbury Academy is the place where I arrived when I was a 15-years-old boy who had a dream to become the best basketball player he could possibly be. Canterbury Academy gave me and supplied me with everything they could in order to help me improve as a basketball player, but also as a student and as a person. It's the place where I grew up and learned so many things about life. It made me a tougher, more hard-working, more disciplined individual, and most importantly, it helped me become a fully independent 18-years-old manwho is now ready for new challenges in life. Canterbury Academy is the place I can call ''HOME'' and ''FAMILY''.''


"Canterbury Academy is the place where arrived 3 years ago where I started to play basketball and studying. I am so happy and blessed that I have been part of this Academy; it's my second home!
I have learned lot of things here, but before everything I learned how to be a better person, better and bigger player! I am so thankful for all coaches and members who has helped me through my basketball career and also through my studies.
I always had a good relationship with all stuff from the Canterbury Academy, because all people are nice and want to help you which is one of the important things. Beside studies and basketball Canterbury Academy had lot of influence on my maturity,I can say they made me be mature. After 3 long and very successful years I am leaving Canterbury Academy with a lot of experience, memories and friends which I will never forget!"


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